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The Worlds Largest Ad Agency Is a Buy

1982512211.png Collectively, they generate nearly 30% of the world’s total ad revenue. Even with platforms like Facebook, Google, SnapChat, Twitter, Amazon and the countless other websites garnering advertising dollars, agencies will continue to be instrumental for ideas and services to both executive strategy and track the effectiveness of ads. One company dominates the space: WPP Plc. It has a market capitalization of $20 billion and generates over $2.3 billion in annual profit on north of $20 billion in revenue. WPP is a growth-by-acquisitions story with its sales up 100% and its net income up more than 300% during the last decade. And, despite operating in more than 100 countries, it stays pretty lean with only 18% of its income going to capital expenditures. It has been buying up smaller firms for a long time, including 52 acquisitions in 2014 and 40 more in 2015, all in order to help it transition from traditional advertising (print, broadcast media, billboards, mail) to digital media (social, mobile, internet) to better compete with the plethora of new companies entering into the space. WPP has leapfrogged Omnicom for the top spot in the industry. Recent news has brought the stock under pressure, however.

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