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If a green light was given, a spokesman for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the first 20 trucks would move to Aleppo and if they reached the city safely, the second convoy would then leave. The two convoys were carrying enough food for 80,000 people for a month, he said. The United States and Russia have backed opposing sides in the Syrian war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, forced 11 million from their homes, and created the world's worst refugee crisis since World War 2. Aleppo, Syria's biggest city before the war, has been a focal point of the conflict this year. Government forces backed by militias from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon have recently achieved clothing stores online their long-held objective of encircling the rebel-held east. MOSCOW CRITICIZES WASHINGTON Russia's intervention a year ago in support of Assad has given it critical leverage over the diplomatic process. Its ally, Assad, appears as uncompromising as ever. He vowed again on Monday to win back the entire country, which has been splintered into areas controlled by the state, an array of rebel factions, the Islamic State group, and the Kurdish YPG militia. Washington hopes the pact will pave the way to a resumption of political talks. But a similar agreement unraveled earlier this year, and this one also faces enormous challenges.

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Women business owners were so unusual, she said, they needed their husbands' signatures to take out the initial bank loan, even though it was their money and their fashion sense that got the store off the ground. At one point, the women had stores in the Eastfield and Enfield Square malls. But now, once The Clothes Tree shuts down, there will be no general-market clothign shop on Bridge Street. Once it was the city's shopping center with: Casual Corner, Martha's Web and department store Albert Steiger Co. 3) Employer confidence falls; businesses feel fore confident about Massachusetts economy than national business climate The Associated Industries of Massachusetts Business Confidence Index declined one point, to 54.1, in August, leaving it three full points lower than in August 2015. Nearly39 percent of respondents reported adding staff shop online clothes during the past six months and 19 percent reduced employment in that time frame. When asked to predict the next six months, 37 percent predicted hiring and only 10 percent predicted layoffs. 4) Wilbraham property to be featured on HGTV's 'We Bought the Farm' Film crews from the popular show, which lets viewers look on as buyers select their perfect rural dream home, will be on the scene at 658 Stony Hill Road Sept. 13 and 15 for prep work and staging. Filming beginsSept.

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